New nordic league set to launch as Scandinavian Cup in 2022

Three teams from Sweden and Norway and two teams from Denmark will face off in the inaugural Nordic League of American football.

The Scandinavian Cup will consist of two groups with group A having Denmark’s AaB 89ers and Søllerød Gold Diggers in it along with Kristiansand Gladiators from Norway and Sweden’s Örebro Black Knights. In group B Norway’s Oslo Vikings and Eidsvoll 1814s will take on Sweden’s Stockholm Mean Machines and Carlstad Crusaders.

– This is an exciting step for American football as a sport in Scandinavia. This will add more competition on top of the national leagues resulting in more football for the fans to enjoy as well as enable more players and coaches to get the experience of international competition. I’m looking forward to a great competition and new Scandinavian rivalries being born, says Kjell Peterson, president of The Swedish American Football Federation.

– You will never be better than the level you compete against so we are very much looking forward to playing against the other Nordic teams, says Thomas Kejser-Lervik, Sportsdirector at Norwegian Federation for American Sports. Our teams now have the opportunity to find out the level of football across the Nordic borders. We are confident that this will have a positive impact on the development of club football throughout the Nordic region.

The goal, adds Kjell Peterson, is to add teams from Finland to the league in 2023 to create a Nordic Cup.

Each team will play the other teams in its group, starting on the weekend of April 30th / May 1st. The winner of each group will be playing in the championship game on the weekend of 18/19th of June. The championship game will be hosted by one of the two teams in the final.

Additional information about the Scandinavian Cup will be presented in January of 2022.

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