Inför seriestarten i Superserien herr – Örebro Black Knights

Inför starten av Superserien herr den 22 augusti då Örebro Black Knights välkomnar Uppsala 86ers till Behrn Arena och Stockholm Mean Machines välkomnar Carlstad Crusaders till Östermalms IP kommer en intervjuserie med respektive huvudtränare att publiceras.

Nu är det dags för Örebro Black Knights huvudtränare Timothy Speckman.

Hur har ni anpassat er verksamhet med träningar, läger samt arbete med/kring eventuella importer i denna speciella situation vi befinner oss i just nu med covid-19?
Of course covid-19 means that American players are no longer as available to come to Sweden as before. Because of that we have looked more to local and European talent when building our roster. Covid-19 has also meant some limited practice conditions, we have followed the guidelines and still been able to get to a level of preparation that we feel is as close to normal as can be expected during these times.

Vilken lagdel är starkast i ditt lag och varför? Offence? Defence? Special Teams?
I think we have a very balanced team so far. Though I would say our defense is a special unit this year so I would have to give them the edge at the moment.

Om du får välja 3 spelare som vi som åskådare ska hålla extra koll på, vilka spelare i ditt lag är det och varför?
That’s a difficult one. We have several outstanding players on this team who I’m really excited to see in action, to choose only 3 is not easy. Our QB Jake Sisson, our RB Kasper Babben Wedberg, and MLB Filip Jönsson are all established and talented players to watch.

Vilka mål har du som huvudtränare med säsongen 2020?
My goal is first and foremost to bring this team together as a unit and develop the talent that is here. We have seen some great progress so far. Of course I want to win football games, but more than that I want to see these young men reach their potential on the field. If they do that, the wins will be a natural byproduct.

Vilka lag tippar du möts i SM-finalen samt vilket lag tippar du tar med sig SM-bucklan hem 2020?
In such a small league, and with my limited experience here in Sweden, it is difficult to say. I believe we have a team that can compete for the championship, the great thing about sport is we get to settle it on the field.


SAFF tackar Timothy Speckman för denna förhandsvisning av läget i laget i Örebro Black Knights och önskar honom lycka till i seriepremiären!


Se matchen Örebro Black Knights mot Uppsala 86ers live på lördag den 22 augusti, matchstart 14.00!

Our international fans can watch the game on AFI TV, click here.

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